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Schinkel Real Estate was founded in 1959 by William Schinkel in Hamilton, Ontario. The firm originally specialized in real estate sales in the greater Hamilton area, including residential, commercial and development land. During the 1970’s the business expanded its scope to include property appraisals, primarily for financial institutions. In 1975, Robert Schinkel joined the firm primarily as a sales representative, however by the early 1980’s, the appraisal portion of the business was expanding at a considerable rate.

After a successful number of years in sales with a national company, Glenn Rowell joined our team in 1989 as an appraiser.

William Schinkel retired in 1995 however still was involved in the administrative side of business. Eventually, after 53 years of faithful service to the company, William retired fully in 2012. When able, he comes in to check and see the progress of the firm.

portrait of Bob Schinkel of Schinkel AppraisalsLynn Schinkel, daughter of William is the current Office Manager and runs logistics on all appraisal requests. Her experience dates back to the early 80’s when she started out as a filing clerk.

After retiring from a 43 year career in banking, Bob’s wife, Pearl Schinkel, joined the firm in early 2018 and is responsible for the financial affairs of the company.

Today, the company continues to be involved in appraisals on a variety of residential property types throughout the greater Hamilton-Burlington area, including the suburban and rural areas stretching to Lake Erie.

Robert Schinkel is also accredited to perform commercial and industrial appraisals, although is currently not active in this area of appraisal practise.








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