We are Schinkel Appraisals

Our services are trusted by major financial institutions, brokers, lawyers, and real estate investors. Come and see what we do, and why we remain the go-to provider for residential market value opinions for our clients.

In Business since 1959

With decades of history, we are among the most trusted appraisal advisors and consultants.

Residential properties continue to be the greatest store of wealth for most Canadians. Understanding and providing accurate market value opinions for our clients is essential to our purpose. Whether you are a lender, broker, homeowner, or investor, we have the capability and expertise to provide a reliable residential opinion of value.


Our Services

We help remove that uncertainty with qualified appraisals. Whether you work in financial services, law, or construction, we have the experience to make our referrals reliable and the process easy.

  • Estate Planning

    When acting as an executor, or in consultation with your accountant, our reports provide the necessary market data for your estate.

  • Market Value Opinions

    Whether for financing, or determining a reasonable offer price, an appraisal report is an important tool in the buying process.

  • Family Law

    Provide market value opinions when determining division of assets.

  • Relocations

    Corporate, military, or government relocations often require appraisals with specific reporting criteria. We can help.

  • Litigation

    Our firm can provide expert witness testimony or provide market value opinions ahead of trial.

  • Rental Surveys

    Whether the client is negotiating a new lease or looking to determine market rates for a new project, we can aid that process.

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